Blonde Baking Mama Creates Cakes for Kids

It’s one thing to bake a regular old cake, and another thing to create a full-on masterpiece for kids. Blonde Baking Mama is an expert in preparing cakes that display all kinds of brands that are beloved by children, from Disney princesses to video games to Sesame Street characters.

Take the picture below, for instance. The level of complexity shown is unbelievable, from the specific blue swirls to the snowflakes to the tiny Anna and Elsa. It pretty much speaks for itself, and you can see why this baker has over 136,000 followers.

Then you have this cake below, which is a brilliant ruby red. For a young child who loves Paw Patrol—an animated kids show about fire-fighting dogs (sounds riveting, doesn’t it?), this would clearly be a dream come true on their birthday.

The more you look at Blonde Baking Mama’s cake pictures, the more examples you see of her ridiculous talent. Clearly, she has a substantial following, but even her online following doesn’t include the thousands of kids that have been inspired by her cakes. If you like what she has to offer, follow her Instagram for more!