Victor Zag Creates Brilliant Art That’s Full of Life

If you’re someone who gets a kick out of surrealist art, Victor Zag is the artist for you. Looking through his paintings is like falling down a Lewis Carrol-esque rabbit hole of wonder and psychedelia. The colors are vibrant, the shapes are constantly morphing to and fro, and it’s all tied together wonderfully in a clean bow of prestigious skill.

This makes all of the difference when it comes to Zag’s work. All art requires a certain level of balance between the technical and the creative. From a creative standpoint, there’s no question that this purpose has everything to offer. But the technical aspect is also 100% present, leaving the viewer with just about everything they could ask for.

These pictures below are actually less surrealist, and more like the stuff you might see from the Renaissance era. But labels aside, these pieces are just beautiful to look at. The one below, titled “A Happy Family”, is simply wonderful.

The more you observe Zag’s work, the more it becomes clear that it’s full of life. Objects that are normally inanimate appear to be moving, and characters that should appear alive are just that—but so much more. His characters’ souls—and perhaps Zag’s soul too—reach out from the canvas and straight to his viewers’ hearts.