Brazilian Artist Makes Colorful Bird Embroidery On Dry Leaves

With the arrival of autumn, the first crispy leaves make an appearance. And when they make an appearance, that’s when embroidery artist Laura Dalla Vecchia gets super excited, because she’s a talented crafter who makes embroidery works on tiny leaves.

The Brazilian artist is best-known for her embroidered birds created atop the dry surface. Based in Curitiba, Vecchia has a huge love for nature and animals. She is a student of biology, and that is where her admiration for birds comes from.

Using needle and thread, the embroiderer precisely pokes through the leaves recreating beautiful feathers of endangered species so she can raise awareness through her embroidered artwork.

When browsing her Instagram profile, you can see images of almost 100 Brazilian species so far that look like they’re real. On her social media account, she has over 74,000 followers and thousands of likes on each post.

If you’re interested to see what is Vecchia up to, check out the gallery below. Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram if you are a fan of embroidery or birds. You can also purchase the creations that you find on her website. Enjoy!