Bright and Colorful Illustrations by Sebastian Curi

Argentinian artist Sebastian Curi started his career as an animator. He worked in the animation industry for nearly ten years before he switched to illustration. His work is focused on storytelling and he often portraits colorful characters using bold shapes and strong lines.

Scroll down to see some of his recent illustrations. If you want to see more work by this talented artist, follow him on Instagram where he shares daily updates with 40k followers. His website is also a good place to learn more about his work and to shop for prints if you’re interested.

He’s worked with a variety of commercial clients in the past, including big names like Apple, Nike, and Spotify. “My experience has allowed me to develop a unique style of illustration, centering around quirky figures who live in their own super-stylized universe. And thanks to my background in animation, they just so happen to move beautifully too,” Curi tells Creative Boom.

Curi currently lives in Los Angeles and finds inspiration in the world around him. He loves Californian landscapes and the rest of the Golden State as well. He studied post-production and graphic design, and currently, he and his wife run their own studio in LA.