Bulgarian Artist Recreates Beautiful Kukeri Masks

Bulgarian artist Miroslav Dimitrov got very creative and reimagined traditional Bulgarian Kukeri masks as 3D renders. Such masks are traditionally worn by men and women during ritual celebrations in several South and Central European countries.

They represent characters who dance and make noise in order to make the evil spirits go away and to bring health, happiness, and good harvest to the villages.

Dimitrov is a part of eDesign, a creative agency where he works as Senior Art Director. At this company, he’s in charge of graphic design, 3D, and motion graphics. On his Instagram account, you can see many of his projects and they all show just how creative and talented this guy is.

He even animated some of his mask designs and brought life into them, so we can’t help but imagine them as quirky cartoon characters. What a fun way to celebrate tradition and to introduce it to many people around the world!

Check out his Kukeri masks below and follow him on Instagram for more of his art.