If You Love Minimalist Illustrations, You’ll Love Sacrée Frangine

Sacrée Frangine is a brand run by childhood friends Célia and Aline, two talented girls who have been doing creative work together in Paris since 2016. Their illustrations are minimalist and recognizable and have brought them hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and opportunities to collaborate with numerous artists and brands.

“Aesthetically, Matisse’s collages have had a huge influence on our work,” they reveal in an interview for Vagabond City. “We like to draw with color and to create emotion through simple shapes and a rich color palette.” They first started painting minimalistic and abstract pieces, but their art evolved into a universe with plenty of stories and characters they want to share with the world.

Femininity influences their work a lot. They are firm believers that the most beautiful stories are the simple ones, so their art is stripped of all the unnecessary details and only contains the bare essentials.

If you haven’t done so already, checking out their Instagram page is a must! Scroll down if you want to see some of our favorites that we picked from their feed.