Bulgarian Artist’s Comics Raise Awareness to Waste

Bulgarian artist Mira Petrova has been living a sustainable lifestyle for the past couple of years. However, intending to inform people about the amount of waste we produce daily, she started a comics series titled Waste Aware Animals. The story follows various animals, including Mr. and Miss Fox, which characters are based on her and her husband.

Before she started her new lifestyle, the Sofia-based graphic designer and illustrator realized that the available information could be “truly overwhelming and rather gloomy”. That was the main reason why she took the pen and started drawing.

She explained her researches in a statement for Bored Panda as depressing. “After I would spend some time reading, I would have no willpower to live, let alone take any action whatsoever, she said and added that they wanted to give people fun and positive way to learn and share about the zero waste philosophy, free of shame and guilt.

You can find her comics on Instagram, where she has attracted over 5,000 followers, published in both Bulgarian and English.

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