Craig Black is Hooked On Typography Art

Craig Black has come to be recognized for his bespoke typographic illustrations and lettering. Sprawled across walls, massive installations, or packages, Black’s work is both engaging and original, attracting an impressive clientele. His more personal projects have also been exhibited worldwide—from London and New York to Sydney and Dubai.

But oddly enough, his introduction to design and typography wasn’t as straightforward as his work would have you believe. In fact, long before he became an independent designer, the Scottish-born creative worked in a different field altogether – playing professional soccer. “When I was growing up, football was all I thought about,” he recalled in an interview with Typeroom, “but simultaneously I spent my time drawing football boots, strips, badges, etc. so without realizing, I was already working on my true passion.”

According to Black, it was only years later, that he decided on a career change and studied design at The University West of Scotland. “Thereafter, I was hooked on design and through a lot of hard work, continually challenging my abilities and not being afraid to fail has led me to where I am today,” he notes.

These days, Black’s strengths lie in his ability to cross disciplines without the restriction of a fixed personal style. This versatility has offered him the opportunity to work on a varied mix of collaborations with local and international clients of all business backgrounds. But though his clients are versatile, his work process tends to be the same, beginning with a heavy amount of research.

“I always start by thoroughly researching the brief, leading to mood boards to get the ideas flowing,” sats Black, describing his creative process. “As the mind ticks, I start to sketch a lot of ideas down and then narrow it down to more successful routes. When a concept is decided, I then take it to final stages whether thats by hand or digital depending on the specifics of the project for final completion.”

Scroll down to see some recent projects and collaborations: