This Embroiderer Found a Way to Bring Her Creations to the Next Level

Jen Smith describes herself as a fiber artist, photographer, jewelry designer, and Wisconsin girl living in Los Angeles.

Her artistic journey began thanks to her mom, who encouraged her to do crafty things. Sewing was her first love. However, later, her passion switched to cross stitching and knitting. Last, she embarked on her embroidery journey back in 2017 when she moved to the country.

And in an interview for Embellished Talk, she revealed why she likes embroidering so much. “I love how tactile it is. I love the opportunity to use so much color. I love how easy it is to take with me everywhere. It really woke me up to my creativity in a whole new way, and I’m grateful for that,” she said.

Browsing through her Instagram gallery, you will immediately notice her love for colorful things. The Hawaiian shirt hoops will especially catch your eye. Creating her embroidery, Smith uses vibrant threads, which will bring you to the highly desirable tropical beaches. She even stitches buttons to complete the look.

Scroll down and see her creations below. Check out her Etsy store, where you can purchase the artworks.