Camila Hurst Turned to Baking to Copy With Her Darkest Days

Camila Hurst struggled with depression and anxiety after leaving her home country of Brazil, but she eventually found a fantastic coping mechanism. She turned to baking to cope with her darkest days and this new hobby eventually led her to some of her brightest moments.

Baking is basically a part of Hurst’s DNA since her grandparents used to run a bakery just a few blocks from her house in Brazil. She spent her childhood playing with dough, surrounded by flour and fresh pastries, and was always in awe of her grandma who spent fifty years waking up before the sun to bake fresh bread.

Baking later became Hurst’s own way to express her creativity, especially after she packed her whole life in a suitcase and moved to the US in 2001.

“I worked as a waitress for 7 years, I had extreme depression and anxiety and started baking in 2015 as a way of coping… Soon my baking dream became too small for my little New York kitchen (where I lived at the time) so I decided to start sharing with the world,” she explained on her blog.

Hurst has been running her food blog Pies & Tacos since 2017, and she built quite a following in the years to come, attracting over 230,000 followers to her Instagram page.