Rana Balca’s Eye-Catching Creations Will Change the Way You Look at Embroidery

An old proverb says that “eyes are the window to the soul”, and Rana Balca seems to agree with this statement. The talented embroidery artist is exploring the allure of the human gaze through her beautiful creations by using eyes as the center subject in her work.

Rana Balca hails from Istanbul, Turkey and she graduated from the Department of Fashion and Textile Design at the Yeditepe University in 2016. Instead of turning to fashion design like most of her peers, she decided to explore her passion for textiles through a form of artistic expression that’s often considered old-fashioned in the modern world – embroidery.

Rana Balca is no stranger to stitching together pretty flowers, but her embroidery art wouldn’t have become such a huge hit if that was all she did. She made a name for herself by putting the eyes front and center, using needle and thread to meticulously capture every detail that hides behind our gaze.

Balca’s hoops invite you to imagine the feelings hiding behind the eyes, welcoming you into the realm where eyes become an enigmatic gateway to our inner life. It’s remarkable to see how much they can tell about us, and this talented artist truly mastered the craft of using them to embroider our most secret emotions.