Crashing Waves Come to Life in Anna Nogaj’s Beautiful Paintings

If your fascination with the ocean is just as endless and infinite as its deep waters, Anna Nogaj is about to become your favorite new painter. The self-taught artist from Poland made quite a splash on social media with her beautiful paintings of crashing waves.

Nogaj goes by @arctwy on Instagram and she attracted over 64,000 followers since she started sharing her art with the world in 2020. Nogaj is based in Poland, and she’s a self-taught fine artist, who mostly specializes in paintings inspired by the ocean’s endless beauty.

Nogaj’s paintings usually capture the powerful force of crashing waves, and there’s a reason why she decided to explore this subject through her art.

“One of my favorite themes that I transfer to canvas are sea waves. I am fascinated by their changeability, diversity, and the fact that they show exactly how long a “moment” lasts in our lives,” she wrote in one of her Instagram posts.

Nogaj’s fascination with the ocean knows no bounds, but she’s no stranger to exploring other subjects through her art, painting everything from the mountains to the starry skies. In addition to being a talented painter, she’s also passionate about photography, and usually uses the great outdoors as her main source of inspiration.