Cinta Vidal’s Intriguing Paintings Show Interior Spaces in Parallel Universes

There’s a good chance that you have seen Cinta Vidal’s works without even realizing it. This Barcelona, Spain-based artist is well-known for her mind-bending murals that adorn the walls and buildings of San Francisco, Long Beach, Hong Kong, and many other big cities.

Recently, Vidal decided to take a break from street art to create a series of trippy oil on canvas paintings titled Cohabit, which focuses on interior spaces. They feature private rooms and public spaces being shown in parallel universes.

Each painting is packed with several scenes that are simultaneously taking place in the same space. By turning the painting to the side or flipping it upside down, a new scene comes into focus.

According to the artist, the goal of her new series is to explore the relationship that people have with their surroundings.

“I’m intrigued by the relationship that people establish between themselves and their immediate surroundings, and now I’m zooming in to find out what’s going on in there,” Vidal said in a recent chat with Colossal. “In contrast to my most recent works, where I played with darkness, I now strongly illuminate the scenes, which take on more vitality.”

Cohabit is currently on display for a brief time at a pop-up location in New York City’s Broome Street. You can also check more of these intriguing paintings by scrolling below.