Check Out Carol Long’s Whimsical Decorative Pottery

Growing up on a farm in Stafford County, Kansas, and visiting the surrounding woods helped artist Carol Long to develop a strong appreciation for animals and nature. She is now using that appreciation as an inspiration for her whimsical decorative pottery.

Long’s pieces often look like pieces found in some fantasy movies with their uneven shapes and unusual curves. She adorns them with intricate details and imagery that comes from nature. This can include leaves, blooming flowers, rabbits delightfully hopping against a vase, and much more.

“I am inspired by botanical life and hidden aspects of nature,” she shares on her website. “I emulate my inspirations with an elaborate flow of shape, line, and texture. My work begins with shape and form. Depth is added through texture. Intricate slip application and glazing bring organic unity to the finished piece.”

Long constantly adjust her creative process to get the best possible results. She uses a variety of techniques, whichever is best fitted for a particular piece, which adds to the variety and diversity of her pottery.

Long’s works have been exhibited in galleries and museums across the United States in recent years, and the artist also gladly shares them on social media. Check out more of these whimsical pieces below.