Camilla Cecilia Creates Cards and Sends Them to People Who Need Hugs

Hugging feels so good, right? It can reduce stress, pain, make us happier, and so on. However, during the pandemic hugging was one of the things that were forbidden. But a young and creative entrepreneur and innovation scientist named Camilla Cecilia came up with a cute idea of how to make hugging possible. Well, metaphorically. She invented Cuddle Cards so people can send each other hugs by post.

The idea was born during the COVID-19 pandemic when a close friend of hers really needed a warm hug, but she was unable to give it.

“The hug cards are specially made to send the hug that you can’t give someone in real life,” Camilla Cecilia said in a statement and added: “At no extra cost it is also possible that I write the message for the recipient on the card and send it directly to the correct address.”

The card contains a drawing of a young man, girl, woman, or grandparents whose hands are made from long ribbons, illustrating a big hug they can give.

Cuddle Cards are designed, drawn, and assembled by hand by Cecilia herself in Amsterdam. Do you want to send someone an adorable hug? Go and check out her Instagram account!