This Designer is Recreating Fonts and Logos Using LEGO

LEGO is truly a gift to humankind. Besides providing fun to both kids and adults, these little plastic bricks are also a powerful creative tool. They are used by artists all over the world as a source of inspiration and a way to give their ideas a physical form.

Highly-renowned designer Craig Ward recently found an intriguing way to put LEGO’s versatility to use by making them the centerpiece of his new project Brik Font. As part of this project, Ward employs plastic bricks to recreate classic fonts and famous logos.

According to Ward, he got the idea while he and his kids were playing with LEGO last year.

“I’ve always enjoyed the restrictions of modular type design, and I’m surprised it took me this long to put the two things together,” he explains.

This realization gave birth to a whole series of works that use LEGO to create intriguing and visually appealing typography. The project also helped Ward expand his portfolio, as he started to include Brik Font in campaigns and other projects he was working on. This proved to be a success since several of his high-profile clients, including tech giant Apple, jumped on the opportunity to be part of the story.

Currently, Ward is working on a book that will detail the conception of Brik Font and its possibilities. In the meantime, you can check more of his works below.