Zoran Cardula Reimagines Popular Movie Posters in Russian Avant-Garde Style

It’s always captivating to see artists taking something contemporary and reimagining it using a style from a different era. Things get even more interesting when pop culture content is involved, with a recent project from Zoran Cardula being the perfect example.

Cardula, a talented graphic designer based in Skopje, North Macedonia, presented a series of works in which he reimagined posters for popular movies. He decided to turn back the clock on these posters and give them Russian Avant-Garde treatment.

Russian Avant-Garde was a movement in the late 19th and early 20th century that was popular in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union and influenced other parts of Europe and Asia. Its reach didn’t only include visual art but also architecture, design, and literature. Movie posters from this era were particularly fascinating thanks to their distinctive form and presentation.

“This poster style has reached its creative peak during the period from 1917 until 1932 and changed the world movie history. This specific style is still well-known so I wanted to explore how would nowadays movies look as Russian Avant-Garde movie posters,” Cardula explains on his Behance page.

Check out more of his intriguing works below.