Young Coffee Enthusiast Makes Latte Art in Japan

Do you love the smell of freshly made coffee? The addictive “black gold” makes our taste buds happy and your brain active, and it gives you the energy to survive the long days.

There are many types of coffee and we’re sure that you’ve tasted a lot of it. However, there are two types of coffee drinkers: ones who simply love drinking coffee, and others who are true coffee fanatics that dedicate their lives to this beverage. Of the latter category, one is barista and coffee shop owner Huan Lin who says he will “make coffee till the end of the world”.

He also considers himself a coffee artist, a talent which he proved when he won 3rd Place in the Coffee Fest Latte Art Championship of Tokyo in 2015. And when we explored his Instagram account, we had to agree that his creations are amazing. He’s a super talented young man who depicts swans, leaves, hearts, and all sorts of things in a mere mug.

Nowadays, due to the pandemic, being an entrepreneur is tough. However, Lin found a way to stay in touch with the people who drink his beverages.

“The most important thing is to take orders, build a website, and find a way to survive. Everyone encourages, let’s cheer together,” he said in a statement on his Instagram account.