Characters from the TV Show “Ted Lasso” to Be Included in FIFA 23

The fans of the popular soccer video game series FIFA will get a special treat when the new installment of the game, FIFA 23, arrives later this month. In a great marketing move by EA, makers of the game, FIFA 23 will feature characters from Apple+ critically acclaimed TV show Ted Lasso.

The Emmy Award-winning television series focuses on American coach Ted Lasso, portrayed by Jason Sudeikis, who gets hired to manage a soccer team AFC Richmond in England’s Premier League. The catch is that Lasso has never coached soccer before and barely knows the sport. This, of course, leads to much comedy and drama.

In a trailer released earlier this week, EA announced that both Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond would be playable in FIFA 23. Lasso will be available as a manager in career mode, while players will be able to pick AFC Richmond in Career Mode as well as Online Friendlies and Online Season.

“I am truly fortunate, and deeply grateful, to have had many special moments in my career thus far, and I consider this experience among the best of them,” said Sudeikis in a statement.

FIFA 23 will be officially released on September 27th. Ted Lasso is currently wrapping up the filming of its third season, which is set to be released at some point next year.