People Share Hilarious Ways They Respond When Someone Knocks on Public Restroom Doors

Photo by Olivier Collet on Unsplash

Public restrooms are anxiety-inducing places for most people. And that’s not surprising at all. Toilet activities are something you got accustomed to doing in the privacy of your home, so doing it in a place where everyone is free to walk in isn’t all that natural.

Things get especially interesting when you are in the restroom, and someone knocks on the door. This is the ultimate nightmare scenario because you never know how to respond. Do you just say it’s occupied, cough to let them know someone is in there, or do you stay silent and wait for them to realize the door is closed? There doesn’t seem to be a universal answer.

Luckily, Twitter might give you ideas on proper (and improper) responses to public restroom door knocking. Twitter user Kristen Mulrooney recently asked her followers about their “standard responses” on public restroom door knocking after experiencing a “game changing” situation in which one person knocked back.

Mulrooney later followed up on her original tweet by revealing why responses “I’m in here” or “Someone’s in here” doesn’t do the trick for her.

Her post soon went viral and resulted in all sorts of hilarious responses. One user said that they just ask “Who is it?” while another one asked why knock when you can “just look.”  Check out these and more hilarious responses to public restroom door knocking below.