YouTuber Shows How to Beat Arcade Games Using Science

Arcade games
Photo by Taylor Friehl on Unsplash

Arcade bars are a great place to have fun with friends or take your kids for an entertaining afternoon. You get to test your skills by playing fun arcade games while also having the ability to win some tickets to exchange for cool prizes. The only issue is that these games are purposely made hard to beat, which is why YouTuber Mark Rober decided to help you level the playing field.

Rober, who used to work as a NASA engineer, recently shared a video that shows how to beat arcade games using science. The clip, which passed 15 million views in less than a week, sees Rober sharing various tips and tricks that will give you an advantage in arcade bars. On top of that, he also constructed various gadgets that make reaching perfect scores on games a piece of cake.

Throughout the video, Rober also shares plenty of other useful info about arcades. He revealed the way arcade games work, which ones are the most popular, the games that give the highest payout, and the games that are rigged to make you lose almost every time.

So, if you are an arcade enthusiast or you are just tired of losing every time you visit an arcade bar, make sure to check out Rober’s entertaining and educational video below.