Cats Are Living Their Best Life in Xuan Loc Xuan’s Peaceful Illustrations

If you’re a huge cat lover, you probably agree that they deserve the world—and so does Xuan Loc Xuan. The Vietnamese illustrator is taking Instagram by storm with her melancholic works of art and she can’t get enough of drawing cats in peaceful surroundings.

Xuan fell in love with drawing at a young age, thanks to her older sister who’s also an illustrator. She encouraged her to take her first step toward art, and she decided to explore her passion by studying graphic design at Ho Chi Minh University of Fine Arts.

Xuan was an introverted child, and she felt lonely for most of her youth. Her illustrations often reflect the isolation she felt growing up, with a sense of melancholy always creeping into the frame. She also uses her home country of Vietnam as a point of reference when looking for inspiration.

“I am often inspired by the familiar images of Vietnam – vast green rice fields, immense blue sky with small white clouds, beautiful wild beaches, and erratic weather in Saigon,” Xuan told The Floating Magazine.

We’ve seen Xuan explore many themes through her work, and cats seem to be one of her favorite subjects. From flower-covered fields to vast meadows, kitties in her illustrations are always finding their way to the most beautiful places and living their life to the fullest.