Check Out Rosa de Jong’s Quaint Environmental Sculptures!

Rosa de Jong is an Amsterdam-based artist and graphic designer who creates these lovely miniature sculptures showing houses, tents, trees, ladders, and many similar elements. She puts those items on rocky terrains and frames them in wooden frames so that they look like they’re floating in the open air. Some of them also get put in vertical glass tubes and look very interesting there.

“I feel like a huge part of my work is how I frame things—let’s see if I am able to frame these inspiring natural elements,” the artist tells Colossal. The frames she uses are hand-made in collaboration with her father. They include small wheels that allow the owner to move around the floating design inside the frame.

De Jong is active on Instagram where she has over 20,000 followers. We recommend you visit her page if you want to see her latest projects and more of her gorgeous sculpture work. Below is our selection of some of her recent works for you to enjoy.