Check Out These Amazing Fantasy Notebooks and Pencils

We’ll admit it—we love all things fantasy. Give us orange juice in a nicely-designed small bottle and we’ll think it’s some kind of potion. This is part of the reason why the notebooks and pencils crafted by Montreal, Canada-based “creative girl” Nad caught our eye. 

Nad specializes in crafting notebooks and pencils inspired by the fantasy world. Her notebooks are full of details that make them look like they are hiding many dangerous spells and crafts. They usually feature an eye in the middle, so you can’t but wonder if it will wink at you at any point. We admit this can be somewhat disturbing, but it just further adds to the charm.

The pencils, on the other hand, are done in the form of magic wands that could have easily come out of the Harry Potter world. You can even imagine that writing is actually a form of casting a spell. How cool is that?

Another great thing about Nad’s notebooks and pencils is that she always makes sure to keep them unique and crafted to perfection.

“When I work, I always put myself in the shoes of my customers, I want to have unique objects, that you can’t see anywhere else, as if they were made for me,” she explained in a recent blog post on Bored Panda.

Nad offers her crafts on her Etsy shop while also showcasing them on social media. Check out more of them below.