These Cool Illustrations Can Give You Ideas for Your Next “Cheat Meals”

Exercising and sticking to a healthy lifestyle can be pretty demanding. This is why many people turn to the practice of “cheat meals,” which can make the entire process a bit easier. Cheat meals allow you to get some break from your regime while also allowing you to stay on track towards achieving your goal, whatever it might be.

Since cheat meals are usually limited to one per week, the decision on how to use this opportunity can be quite hard for some people. This is why the makers of “Weighting With Friends”, a bi-weekly comic strip about the lifts and dips of healthy living, decided to share their favorite cheat meals with social media followers in the form of cool illustrations.

The artworks not only come with an appetizing drawing of a cheat meal but also contain all the nutritional values that might interest people who are careful about what they eat. This includes calories, protein, fat, and carbs count. 

The selection of meals is quite diverse, containing fast food favorites like hamburgers and pizza but also staples of Asian cuisine and a tempting selection of desserts. This ensures that everyone can find something that works out for them and can help them remain persistent in their bid to live healthier.