So Phoebelous Will Make You Pack Your Bags and Head to China

Most travel bloggers try to visit as many countries as possible and take their followers around the world, but not Phoebe of So Phoebelous. She became a true Instagram sensation once she decided to take a road trip around China and discover her home country in its full glory.

Phoebe is now a successful travel Instagramer with 170,000 followers and counting, but she stumbled into this world by chance. Her adventure started in 2019 when she decided to travel to South East Asia so she could spend the Chinese New Year with her family.

As the Coronavirus spread through the country and mandatory country-wide lockdowns were put into place, Phoebe had nowhere to turn. She was stuck in China for good so she decided to make the best of it!

It wasn’t easy at first, I found myself back in a country that I left more than a decade ago and both the country and the people were foreign to me… I decided to take the opportunity to rediscover my homeland, and embrace its culture,” she explained on Instagram.

Over three years later, Phoebe is still happily “stuck” in China, and she’s not going anywhere. In a country so big, the list of places worth exploring is pretty much endless, so head to her Instagram page to discover some of them.