Check Out These Amazing Tattoos By PittaKKM

PittaKKM is a tattoo artist from Seoul, South Korea, who creates some of the most amazing tattoos we have come across recently. His works are inspired by the traditional Korean coloring technique Dancheong but carry a modern twist, leading to unique tattoo art.

Throughout history, Dancheong has been primarily used for the coloring of wooden buildings and artifacts. It is characterized by captivating and complex patterns and the predominant use of five colors: blue, white, red, black, and yellow. 

In his tattoo work, PittaKKM applies Dancheong elements to traditional Korean motifs but also combines them with more unusual elements like skulls, portraits, and sometimes even pop culture characters from anime. His designs are packed with a number of intricate details and feature an intricate use of Dancheong’s color scheme.

PittaKKM’s unique style is quite famous in the tattoo community. The artist is highly sought-after by both South Korean natives and visitors, some of whom come to Seoul just to get a tattoo from him. The high demand means that getting a tattoo by PittaKKM is quite challenging. His appointments fill up quickly, and the artist recommends that clients book their spots several months ahead.

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