We Want to Take a Bite of These Embroidery Cakes

Cakes are not exactly too good for us due to all the sugar, but despite this, we find it hard to say no to a piece of cake when it’s in front of us. All we wanna do is take a bite of it. And in a weird way, the works of Heather Ríos have a similar effect.

This talented artist creates some of the most amazing embroidery cakes you’ll ever see. At first glance, they look tasty, moist, and inviting, just like the real thing. It’s almost like you can smell them as well. But you can’t take a bite of them because, well, they are embroidered. Although we believe many have tried.

From chocolate cakes to birthday cakes and red velvet cakes, any cake you can think of, Ríos has probably made it as an embroidery piece. Most of them are “baked” flat on the canvas, but the artist is also creating 3D embroidery cakes using craft foam.

Rios is offering her embroidery cake artworks on Etsy, where they are, unsurprisingly, selling like hotcakes. But in our opinion, all those people buying them don’t know what they are getting themselves into. Imagine hanging it on the wall and having to crave cake every time you see it. Although, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, does it?

While we look for some cake in the fridge, you can check out more embroidery cakes from Ríos below.