Check Out Austin Howlett’s Giant Artistic Vision

Why do we appreciate art? What is it about art that draws us in? What is it about art that makes us tick, that is even essential for the survival of the world at times? Perhaps it’s because art is a reflection of who we are as a people, and when an artist manages to tap into that zeitgeist, it forms a connection with everyone lucky enough to witness their work in action.

That’s exactly what Austin Howlett has managed to do. With nearly 77,000 followers and counting, this is one man who knows what he wants to say, but also isn’t afraid to allow the viewer to come to their own conclusion. A surrealistic oil painter, he often paints pictures of living giants roaming the wilderness and lying down near mountains. He also likes to paint portraits of women who are “one with the trees”.

These descriptions aren’t supposed to make so much sense. When it surrealistic art ever easily explained by mere text? The best way for you to get it is to observe the art yourself, and that’s exactly what you can do by scouring through Howlett’s Instagram account. The more you scroll through his work, the more you’ll see why he’s so popular. Heck, you might even decide to give him a follow yourself!