Check Out These Beautiful Architectural Drawings by Stephane le Lagadec

Stephane Le Lagadec is a talented French artist who specializes in creating beautiful architectural drawings. Usually done in black ink, his works represent an intimate view of the buildings and streets of small cities and towns.

The viewer is invited to unpack all the small details that fill Lagadec’s drawings, from cobbled stones on the street to tastefully constructed doorways and intricate exterior decorations on houses. More often than not, these architectural scenes have a calming effect, leaving you to imagine how they look in real life and making you want to experience them in person. 

According to Lagadec, not all of the architecture in his works can be found in real life. While he draws the majority of his inspiration from small French towns and other locations he visited, there are also a lot of drawings that have been a result of his imagination.

“My work is figurative and narrative, and my universe is made of imaginary or real journeys. I invite you to travel with me and appreciate the beauty of the world in all its richness and diversity,” the artist shares on his website.

Lagadec frequently shares his architectural drawings on social media. Check out more of them below.