Someone Re-Imagined “The Sopranos” Intro in the Style of “Full House”

The Sopranos and Full House couldn’t be much more different TV shows. One is crime drama, while the other is your classical ‘80s upbeat sitcom. But did you think that stopped YouTuber Tardy Tortellini from combining them? Certainly not.

Tortellini shared a video on his channel in which he re-imagines The Sopranos intro in the style of Full House. The video, uploaded in 2021, was recently discovered by social media users, and they seemed to be really entertained by the results.  

Tortellini’s The Sopranos intro completely changes the original gritty tone of the show. He picked out great shots and then wrapped them up in a cheerful Full House theme song. If you didn’t watch HBO’s hit series, you would think it is a heartwarming story of a family that has its ups and downs but finds a way to get the best out of every situation. 

“Sorry about this,” Tortellini says in the caption of the video.

Would you watch The Sopranos sitcom? We know we would. The intro also got us wondering how Full House would look like if Danny Tanner wasn’t a television host but actually a crime boss. That would sure be an intriguing twist.