Check Out These Cool and Fashionable Animal Dolls by Valentina Gekova

Playing with dolls is something that most people believe is reserved for children. But the example of Russian artist Valentina  Gekova shows that this doesn’t have to be the case.

Gekova remained fascinated with dolls even when she grew older and even managed to make a career out of it. She makes amazing clay dolls of animals like dogs, giraffes, lizards, and pigs, and then dresses them in all sorts of fashionable clothes.

In a recent interview, Gekova revealed that she is self-taught and has been working with baked clay for the past five years. At first, she was making small jars and human dolls before deciding to experiment and make an animal doll in human clothes.

The outcome of the experiment was an amazingly fashionable and intriguing doll, so she decided to continue making them. Since then, this hobby turned into a career and became her main activity. 

Gekova regularly shares her pieces on Instagram while also giving insights into her creative process on YouTube.

“I like the modern look of the clothes I put on my dolls,” she revealed in the interview. “It’s not vintage, and it’s not history, but what surrounds us in life.”

Check out more of her works below.