Lonely Robots Explore the Humanless World in Matt Dixon’s Adorable Illustrations

Matt Dixon is a UK-based freelance illustrator who mainly works in the video games industry. But when he wants to take a breather from creating fantasy characters, he turns to his series of illustrations titled Transmissions.

In this series, Dixon draws adorable lonely robots exploring the humanless world and interacting with the things they find. Each works features a single robot trying to make sense of its existence. Some play with toys, others enjoy nature, while some are captured in a state of peaceful thinking.

According to Dixon, he made his first robot illustration in 2006 and has been returning to Transmissions ever since. The series now has more than 200 different entries, with the majority of them being included in seven tie-in books that have been published over the years. These works can also be seen on Dixon’s Instagram profile.

“I do not understand the robots or the place they reside,” artist explains on his website. “Each image is an opportunity to reveal something new about them and their world, and that sense of exploration and discovery is part of what keeps me returning to the work.”

Check out some of Dixon’s lovely lonely robots below.