Christine Rogers of Saltyjunk Studio is Turning Beachcombing Into an Art Form

Beachcombing is a truly amazing hobby since it allows you to stay in touch with nature while discovering some unexpected tiny treasures. No one knows this better than Christine Rogers, the founder of Saltyjunk Studio, who truly took beachcombing to new heights.

Rogers is the mastermind behind the Instagram page @christinevautour, and she attracted 40,000 followers over the years. She’s based on Canada’s East Coast, and she enjoys exploring the beaches of Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia in her free time.

Rogers’ beach adventures don’t necessarily look the same as everyone else’s because she never goes home empty-handed. She describes herself as a chronic collector and hoarder of “salty junk” and her nickname for things found on the ocean shores inspired the name of her Saltyjunk Studio.

Like most beachcombers, Rogers searches the beaches for valuable items, but what separates her from everyone else is the beauty she sees in ordinary things. Her home studio (aka her son’s confiscated old bedroom) serves as a storage for all sorts of items she stumbled upon, from seashells and snails to sea urchins and crab claws.

Rogers enjoys carefully assembling these objects to transform them into works of art, allowing them to work in perfect harmony and bring the best out of each other.