Cliff the Dog is a Gentle Giant

People’s opinions on dog sizes are divided. Some like small ones, while others are into big dog breeds. The same goes with Cliff’s owner: she’s in love with her canine who’s taller than her. He’s a four-year-old German Shepherd rescued from a shelter, and according to his mom, Cliff is the “tallest GSD you have ever seen”.

They live in the Bay Area, California, where they both like to explore its beautiful nature. They go on adventures and road trips, which the pup enjoys very much. One of their recent travels was to Oregon. This is how his mom described her feelings towards Cliff.

“You are the goofiest, sweetest, most loving boy. The best road trip, bud. The pup who is always up for an adventure or who wouldn’t mind just snuggling in bed all day. This year we have grown closer than ever and have been on so many adventures. I am excited to see where this next year takes us,” she wrote on Instagram.

Besides being a gentle giant, Cliff also likes the camera. He is a real photo model who is posing for his momma. On top of that, he is a certified multipurpose service dog.