Canadian Artist Touches Sensitive Topics With Her Illustrations

Isadora Yesha is an illustrator and graphic designer who dreams about owning a store and selling her brand of clothing, posters, and accessories, as well as having a residency space for BIPOC artists in her hometown Montreal, where her fellow creatives could experiment and exhibit their creations.

Growing up in a household where her parents shared the same passion for painting, it was not unexpected that she chose visual arts as her career. 

“I’ve always wanted to make a living from my passion, to be able to create and have fun with art. However, I knew pretty quickly that the fate of visual artists can be difficult. So I started studying graphic design, so I could create in the hope of having more financial security than an artist,” she shared in an interview for Ballpit.

Her illustrations are inspired by many things: the playful forms, the whimsy of comics, and popular culture themes. With her artwork Yesha tries to “tackle topics ranging from kitsch, religion, esotericism, desire/sexuality and, inevitably, partying.”

She works with traditional mediums and starts the project with small sketches. Later, she vectorizes the drawings on Illustrator and finishes her work by coloring in Photoshop.

Check out the illustrations in the gallery below.