Daniel Edlen Paints Portraits of Musicians on Vinyl Records

Vinyl records have made a surprising comeback in recent years, and people are re-discovering the appeal of listening to music on record players. Artist Daniel Edlen is among those who are contributing to the vinyl renaissance, but not in a way you would expect.

While other people view vinyl records as a way to listen to music, Edlen views them as canvas and paints portraits of musicians on them. In most of his pieces, the record has a portrait of a music artist that actually recorded it.

Edlen does all the portraits by hand while only using white acrylic. He also tends to look for damaged or worn-out records to avoid destroying playable vinyl. 

“I create these pieces to celebrate the object and the subject, to pay tribute to the cultural contribution of the music, and to spark conversation and questions,” says Edlen about his works.

According to Daniel Edlen’s official website, he got the idea for this kind of art in the ’90s. At first, this was just a hobby, but the word about his unique pieces quickly spread, and his friends suggested he starts selling them. Edlen took the advice, and thanks to this, Vinyl Art has been his main preoccupation for the last 15 years.

Check out more of his works below.