Turkish Traveler Chronicles His Journeys by Drawing on Disposable Cups

Most people chronicle their travels by taking photos and videos on their smartphones. Those who are more passionate about the new places they visit might keep a journal or a blog to describe things the camera can’t capture. But Turkish traveler Berk Armagan opted to skip all of this and found a unique way to chronicle his journeys—by drawing on disposable cups.

When he arrives in a new city, Armagan first explores the surroundings and attractions. When he finds something he likes—an object, monument, or artwork—he takes out a disposable paper cup and draws what he sees. This allows him to have a unique reminder of his travels that is undoubtedly worth more than a photo you take with your phone and forget about.

Armagan has been making his cup drawings since 2016 and they have also helped him to visit even more places. He started sharing them on social media and his Instagram account quickly gained a significant following. This prompted him to start selling some of the cups he made in order to finance his travels. It also led to collaborations with high-profile companies like Ford and Starbucks.