Mitsuru Nikaido Creates Impressive Mechanical Creatures Using LEGO

No matter your age, there will always be something satisfying about playing with LEGO bricks. Despite their simplicity, LEGOs are a perfect tool for testing your creativity and making your wildest ideas a reality in plastic forms.

We’ve seen in the past that LEGOs can be used to create something extraordinary if you’re imaginative enough, and the works of Mitsuru Nikaido serve as a perfect example of this.

Nikaido is a Japanese LEGO artist who creates impressive mechanical-looking creatures with these tiny plastic bricks. He opts to use only white and gray bricks, causing his pieces to have a futuristic feel and resemble mini-robots.

Nikaido is mostly inspired by nature and replicates wildlife through his works. This includes mechanical birds, insects, dinosaurs, and even organisms that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Sometimes, Nikaido also does original designs and comes up with pieces that look like they came straight out of dystopian future.

While some of Nikaido’s pieces are created as exhibition items, most of them you can also own. The artist frequently offers his works on sale and shares an update on Instagram when new collections become available. If you are more interested in making something similar yourself, get inspired by checking out more of his creations below.