Coby the Cat is One of Instagram’s Most Adorable Petfluencers

Instagram introduced us to more adorable cats than we can count and we’re always in the mood to meet a new one. If you still haven’t stumbled upon Coby the Cat’s Instagram page, it’s time to check it out because he’s one of the fluffiest and most adorable petfluencers on this social media platform.

With 1.8 million followers on Instagram and 100,000 more on TikTok, Coby is one of the most popular cats online, but what exactly makes him so special? This British Shorthair kitty is one of the most beautiful cats that you’ll ever see thanks to his gentle white fur and cobalt blue eyes—and that’s exactly the reason why his owner named him Coby.

The only thing that matches Coby’s beauty is his adorable personality. He’s a truly amazing cat who enjoys showing off and posing for the camera, but only on his own terms.

“I’m playful, sassy, and affectionate – if you deserve it and/or treats are involved. I love to snuggle, steal the covers, and play hide and seek. I take food very seriously, and I can get a bit testy if my meals aren’t served on time,” reads Coby the Cat’s official website.