Didem Yagci Crafts Mesmerizing Wall Sculptures

Turkish artist Didem Yagci creates impressive wall sculptures that wouldn’t look out of place in an art gallery but also in someone’s home.

Yagci creates her pieces by stacking layers of plywood in different lengths and positions on top of each other. By doing so, she makes 3D shapes that resemble vertigo stairs.

According to the artist, the layered nature of her works is based on the idea that “the experiences in our lives are steps that carry us from one place to another, and that this experience progresses in infinite cycles.”

After finishing the stacking process, Yagci paints her wall sculptures with eye-catching color schemes to give them a mesmerizing and slightly trippy feel.

“Optical illusions and geometric forms, created by using wood and plaster in her works with a unique technique and color selection, express the achievements of a person in her inner journey in an abstract and metaphorical way,” the statement posted on the artist’s website explains.

Didem Yagci has exhibited her wall sculptures in her native Turkey as well as internationally. She also gladly posts new pieces on her official social media while also sharing some insights into her creative process. Check out more of her artworks below.