Colorful Hair Barretts Made Of Artificial Pearls

Summer is a season known for its beautiful bright colors and over-the-top fashion items. If you’re a born fashionista and love adding jewelry that stands out, pearls should be your best friends. Well, not the expensive gemstones made in the blue sea, but the colorful artificial ones.

Let us introduce you to Nini Bukulova, a Germany-based jewelry designer whose accessories are blowing up social media! She is best known for her pearl hair barrettes. However, in her collection, you can find adorable necklaces and bracelets. Although her creations look like they are made for little girls, women from all around the world are obsessed with her pieces.

Girl With Pearls is her brand that sells worldwide. She describes herself as a creative person who likes being home and doing her “thing”. Inspired by the sunny and warm weather, Bukulova is always on a run to create new designs.

You can find her collection on her website, on Instagram, and other social media platforms, where she really tries to catch the customer’s attention. She incorporates her pearls on food, well-known paintings, animals, etc.

If your goal is to look stylish this season, you have to check her out!