Add Some Amazing Patterns and Prints To Your Everyday Outfit

Would you like to add something fashionable and colorful to your outfit? Then handmade bags, accessories, and stationery made by designer Ola Olayinka are the ones for you. The talented textiles printmaker and designer based in London, UK, uses colorful prints and patterns to breathe in some life to her plain outfits.

Satin scrunchies and headbands, wrist bags, peak bucket bags, pouches, bumbags are just some of the products you can find on her website and online store named OlaOla. Although she only has over 1,000 Instagram followers, Olayinka collaborates with companies and schools and creates kits.

“I also work as the studio coordinator of The Fashion School, and we’ve made a series of Fashion Kits containing different projects to work on”, she said in an interview for Embellished Talk. “The kits vary from making tote bags to downloadable patterns to make crop tops and hot pants.”

However, after COVID-19 happened, she remembered the real reason behind starting her business. “It’s given me time to work on the things I’ve been avoiding or felt I never had the time to do. I’ve been able to just focus on making art for the fun of it rather than with a final product in mind,” she added.

Click on her Instagram to follow Olayinka’s journey.