Disabled Dog Found Shivering in a Spring Gets Saved

Sadly, we often see images of abandoned animals, especially in third-world countries. However, some of them get rescued if they are lucky enough. But the process of healing can be incredibly difficult because the animal often suffers from some kind of physical or mental difficulty.

This is the story of a stray dog named Speedy, who was found lying and shivering in cold water surrounded by cobblestones. When his rescuer Phadera took him to the vet, they found out that he couldn’t use his back legs and never will. She was given two options, to put him down or to provide Speedy a wheelchair. And guess what Phadera choose? A wheelchair, of course. And Speedy was so happy when he realized he could walk and run again.

Although the rescuer fell in love with him, she knew that Mexico wasn’t the right place for him: the roads are made of cobblestones, and there aren’t any kind of dog parks. That’s when she decided that Speedy’s life will continue in California.

Then Debbie came into the picture. She was a dog trainer and already had a wheelchair dog. “Since Speedy’s been in California, he’s really blossomed. He loves every second of it.”

Now Speedy plays happily with other dogs on the beach and has an Instagram fan-base. He also goes to therapy and his legs have proven so much! Check him out!