Company Creates 3D-Printed Lamp Using Orange Peels

Most people view orange peels as a waste, but one company from Milan decided to look beyond that and use them as a material for a household item. The Krill Design startup recently presented the world’s first 3D-printed circular lamp made almost entirely of orange peels.

The process of turning orange peels into an Ohmie lamp starts with sourcing the peels from a Sicily-based food company. The peels from up to three oranges are then dried and ground before being mixed with a biopolymeric base gained from vegetable starches. This forms a compound that is stable and fully compatible with 3D printers.

This unique product doesn’t only help reduce orange peel waste, but it’s also good for the environment. Being made out of organic materials, the lamp is fully compostable. And there are several added perks included.

According to the company, the Ohmie lamp is functional, sustainable, and brings a delicate scent of oranges and cookies to your home.

“It’s similar to orange cookies, not simply oranges because through the process the material gets sort of toasted,” Krill’s marketing manager Domiziana Illengo explains. “So it is more reminiscent of cookies, really.”

The company doesn’t intend to stop here, however. Krill Design is already working on several other sustainable products including additions to their “citrus line” and coffee table made out of coffee beans.