Connie Au’s Illustrations Celebrate the Beauty of Our Favorite Comfort Foods

If you love art and food equally, Connie Au is about to become your favorite new artist. This self-taught illustrator made quite a splash on social media with her beautiful drawings that perfectly capture everything we love about our favorite comfort foods.

Au is a 100% self-taught artist and she started painting and drawing as a hobby, about ten years ago. She mostly used books to learn the tricks of the trade, and eventually decided to specialize in watercolor art, while also working with gouache, acrylic, and colored pencils from time to time.

Au is the author of the book called Painting Desserts, and she enjoyed painting food since the start of her artistic journey because she believes it has a deeper meaning.

“Food is much more than sustenance. It is cultural. It reminds us of our good time with family and friends, celebrations, consolations and more. Although I am more recognized as a food illustrator, I let my curiosity run wild as much as I can,” she explains on her official website, adding that she also enjoys working on botanical, animal, and urban paintings.

In addition to selling her work, Au also offers workshops where she’s teaching people to paint desserts from scratch. She’s also hosting sketching tours in Windsor and the National Gallery, London through Airbnb Experiences.