Constant Bagel Therapy’s Illustrations Are Just the Right Amount of Ironic

The artist behind the Instagram account Constant Bagel Therapy calls himself a “creative dork”, as you can read in the bio. The only two things we know about them is that they’re from Leicester City and that once we discover their little drawings we can’t help ourselves.

The drawings are very simple and don’t beat around the bush. The point is always loud and clear, and the topics vary from everyday situations to motivational messages. What they all have in common is that they are very relatable. We’ve all been through frustrations, failures, and disappointments similar to the ones in the illustrations.

Constant Bagel Therapy draws broken hearts, wilted flowers, and other elements that are simple but translate the message efficiently. You will find them funny, comforting, and appropriate in many different situations. The account is approaching half a million Instagram followers, and the number clearly indicates that the artist’s work resonates with many people. 

Scroll down to see some of the illustrations and head to Instagram for more. If you fall in love and want to buy a print or the rights to turn an illustration into a tattoo, this shop is where you want to go right now.