The Dreamy Illustrations of Natalia Maca

Illustrator Natalia Maca creates art that looks like it came straight out of a dream! Thanks to her vivid imagination, she draws us into the worlds she paints and we never want to get out. The artist graduated from the Cambridge School of Art, earning a BA Honors in Illustration. She currently lives in Regensburg, Germany, where she works as a freelance illustrator.

Maca’s work follows simple ideas executed perfectly. Playing with colors is her strong side; she doesn’t need a bold outline to achieve the effect she wants. She often paints suggestive images that make the viewer’s imagination go wild. “My creative process involves working with digital and traditional media, using color, composition and storytelling to express key messages. My unique visual language communicates with the viewer in an informative and fun manner, making the right choice for any brief from educational, advertising, editorial to publishing,” she writes on her website.

You can buy Maca’s art in several places, such as Adobe Stock, Society6, and her own website. Her Instagram page doesn’t have a huge number of followers yet, but we’re sure that’s going to change soon. Follow her there to see more of her work and check out some of our favorite illustrations by this talented artist below.