Andrés Lozano’s Illustrations Are a Colorful Depiction of Daily Life

Madrid-based artist Andrés Lozano’s paintings represent rooms full of life, with many common objects we all have in our homes. Open books, smoking toasters, lamps, plants, and coffee pots are just some of the things you can see in his paintings. His colorful art represents life as many of us know it.

Lozano was born in 1992 in Madrid. He studied design and later moved to London to continue his studies, specializing in Illustration and Visual Communication. He was still a student when he started to work with clients like Google, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. The young artist already published several picture books, too.

Since 2017, his focus has been mostly on painting. He paints scenes from real life on big canvases. Using bright colors and many details, he brings us interiors filled with stuff and people who he describes as apathetic and lonely.

“His recent work looks at exploring the link between art, making and improvisation through semi biographical paintings that materialize a world of apathetic and lonely characters surrounded by nature and interiors,” Lozano’s website reads. Don’t forget to check out his Instagram if you want to stay in touch with this talented artist’s work!