Cover Your Walls with Charlotte Jade’s Wild and Vibrant Patterns

It’s hard not to be taken by the level of detail and sheer vibrancy that has come to be recognized with Charlotte Jade’s work. A lover of nature and design, she combines her two passions into bespoke patterns that are printed on a variety of luxury products. These products include wallpapers, wall murals, textiles, upholstery fabrics, furniture, cushions, ceramic tiles, stationery, home accessories, and most recently: fashionable face masks.

According to Jade, her design process is based around the idea of “Biophillia”, bringing elements of the outside world into our interior environments. Using realistic patterns such as flowers in full bloom or dalmatian spots, Jage introduces nature into your home in the hope that having these reminders of the natural world would create positive, warm, and vibrant living spaces.

“Our whole brand is completely inspired by the outside world,” Jade shared in an interview with Fashion Formula. “For us, bringing the beauty of nature into our interiors a perfect way to keep us connected to the natural world.” It also adds an undeniable element of chic.

Each pattern is hand drawn by Jade. The design process starts with a pencil drawing, after which it is brought to life with modern, digital coloring and printing techniques that add vibrancy and distinct style. “I love combining traditional and modern methods of design,” says Jade.

The work itself is detailed, realistic, and textured. “I like to observe the natural world around me, capturing the fine details by hand drawing what I can see,” she notes. “I love drawing animals, flowers and foliage, focusing on the natural textures of my subjects, for example, an animal’s coat, a bird’s feathers or a particular plant texture, bringing in bright and vibrant colors.”

You can find Jade’s products in luxury retail store, Harrods, as well as her online shop. Follow her Instagram for more: